Malvern, iowa is turning 150 this year! won't you join us?

About Malvern, Iowa

We like to have fun in Malvern, Iowa! We love art, music, food, and riding bikes on our beautiful Wabash Trace. You're invited to find out for yourself why people from all over the country love this tiny gem in the southwest corner of Iowa as we celebrate our 150th birthday! Malvern is known and loved for its charming public art, quaint downtown with restored Victorian buildings, and great restaurants, bars, and a bakery, where you can enjoy a delicious cappuccino, glass of wine, or a juicy hamburger and world-class steak dinner.  A former 19th century railroad town, Malvern has transformed itself over the past century and a half into a destination point for music, art, and nature lovers from around the region. Join us on June 28, 29, and 30th for our Sesquicentennial Celebration. Click on the Events page to learn the details.

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 Visitors far and wide have discovered the pleasures of touring, living, and working in Malvern, Iowa - isn't it your turn? 

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